About Cartex

Thanks to the combination of IBENA’s technical know how and design competence, IBENA Cartex is a highly reputed partner for the international automobile industry.

IBENA Cartex develops, designs and manufactures automotive seating fabrics and textiles for door panels, meeting the highest standards of world-wide leading automobile manufacturers like Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Opel, Volvo and Volkswagen, to name a few examples of our clients.

Fabrics by IBENA Cartex are being laminated according to the specific requirements of component manufacturers and suppliers.

In close co-operation with the automotive industry, IBENA Cartex’s high reputation evolves from the following principles:

  • Quality-driven product development within target pricing
  • Absolute reliability
  • Flexibility
  • Reliability in both product developments as well as deliveries for SOP and serial production
  • Design and sampling competence

In addition, IBENA Cartex has access to the most modern CAD technology, a very well equipped laboratory, sample warp production facilities and an efficient in-house sample-weaving mill.

Autositzgewebe, Autoinnenraumgewebe,Auskleidungsstoffe für Türverkleidungen

IBENA Cartex quality management system has been adapted to the special requirements of the automotive industry.

IBENA Cartex has no sales department in the conventional sense. Your Contact is not a sales person, but an experienced product manager who understands your business in every aspect: He knows the specifics of textile product development as well as design development, laboratory and purchasing.

He will be your development coordinator who initiates and reliably controls the realisation of your specific requirements and demands.

Did we arouse your interest? Contact us. We shall be pleased to assist you.

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